I don’t want no scrub – Lush Fresh Cleansers tried and tested


Lush is my go to brand for cruelty free, vegetarian products that don’t contain any nasties and they never fail to disappoint. Skincare is all about trial and error, everyone has different needs and personally my ‘hard to please’ face has been loving the exfoliating powers of the Lush fresh cleansers.

I was reading an article recently about acne, skin cancer and eczema being a ‘modern’ skin disorder. Skin conditions are rarely seen in tribes and weren’t around until western civilization introduced chemically pumped lotions, creams and processed foods. So taking it back to basics and using the crushed nuts and herbs found in the fresh cleansers at Lush is a great way to refresh your natural regime.

Let the Good Times Roll

The people that work at Lush always seem to be advocates of their products and are somewhat experts about all the goodies on the shelves, they also give amazing hand massages! I was recommended to try ‘Let the Good Times Roll’ after explaining to a pro at my local store that I struggle to moisturise my skin without it breaking out.

This cleanser leaves corn oil on the skin after using it so there’s no need to follow up with a heavy cream. It exfoliates with maize flower which feels grainy on the skin, not like the larger chunks in the other cleansers.  It’s famous for it’s popcorn scent and is probably my favourite smell of the bunch. My skin hasn’t taken to this cleanser as much as the others and isn’t a fan of the residue it leaves on my face so I now use it as a body scrub in the bath. This would probably be great on dry skin types so give it a go.

image4 image5 image6

Angels on Bare Skin 

My favourite Lush cleanser and probably top cleanser of all time has made a regular appearance on Little Lottie since I discovered it on Freddy My Love‘s fabulous YouTube channel. Freddy is a gorgeous model and swears by many Lush products but in particular this one. It uses ground almonds to exfoliate and lavender to calm the skin and reduce redness. I highly recommend this for blemished skin and it’s fantastic for fading scars too. You can read a full review here. 




After reading rave reviews about this green scrub I couldn’t resist giving it a try. The cleanser is supposed to be balancing, which is great for my combination skin. It contains my favourite ingredient, ground almonds, with rose for reducing redness and rosemary for removing grease. Although effective, it hasn’t converted me and I will be going back to good ol’ Angels after I’m through the tub. It is slightly more drying than the others and isn’t as gentle if you’re on the sensitive side but give it a try if you suffer with oily skin. It hasn’t been particularly helpful at healing blemishes but has definitely balanced my t-zone, just make sure you moisturise afterwards.

image1 image2 image3

Check out Lush for more amazing natural products from perfumes to makeup. Hopefully this can help you suss out the right cleanser for your skin type. Leave your favourite Lush product in the comments below and recommend any natural brands you love.

Little Lottie. xo


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