Happy World Vegan Day – Plant Based Favourites


Hello beautiful. I hope you had a fabulous Halloween and to top off a great weekend, it’s only flipping World Vegan Day! Whoopee! To celebrate and inspire all of you out there wanting a more plant based lifestyle I’m sharing my vegan favourites!

Being a vegan isn’t just about eating plant based but living it too. Before I changed my diet I was already hooked and converted to natural cosmetics but finding vegan AND cruelty free brands is a challenge due to modern day, chemical fueled best sellers. ENTER LUSH! Lush cosmetics never fails to bring game changing, natural beauty supplies to my life.


 I have tried almost all the Lush exfoliating cleansers, Herbalism, Let the Good Times Roll and Dark Angels are all outstanding for getting a naturally clean and baby soft face but Angels on Bare Skin is the winner for me. Featuring lavender and almonds it gently scrubs away dead skin and moisturises too.



My latest Lush makeup discovery and favourite vegan beauty item is the gorgeous highlighting skin tint called Feeling Younger. It gives a beautiful and natural glow, you can mix it into any base or foundation to create a dewy look and it doesn’t have any of the big chunks of glitter you get in some budget highlighters.

Body Wash

Original Source are a great brand using real fruits to create lushious smells for you to lather up and enjoy. I’m loving the raspberry and vanilla body wash which smells good enough to eat! You can find the bottles of fruity goodness in Boots, Superdrug and most supermarkets too! Shop here.

YouTube Channel 

For inspiration on all things vegan there are many YouTube stars that never fail to provide. My latest binge watch sessions have been all about Naturally Stefanie. She has great easy recipes, workout inspirations and beauty videos. Check her out if you’re thinking about making the transition to being even more awesome. (Also known as vegan.)

Vegan Foodie

Deliciously Ella creates the best plant based recipes that are super healthy, simple and always delicious. Her blog is always up on my phone for dinner, lunch or breakfast inspo and her book is filled with scrumptious treats that taste so good you wouldn’t know they were good for you. Ella’s second book is out soon and is already on my Christmas list.


Going plant based is great for your health and with it being the ‘trend’ as of late it’s now easier than ever to find great products and delicious foods. If you’re considering it try slowly transitioning and with the help of my favourites you will love the vegan lifestyle.

Little Lottie.xo


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