Recipe: Charlotte’s Summer Pancake and Berry Ice Cream Treat

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We have another wonderful Guest Recipe

This week we’re being taught by:

Charlotte Little, otherwise known as Little Lottie in the blogging world. Author of Little Lottie, a health, lifestyle and beauty blog. Writing about her journey to veganism and finding herself. Passionate about seeing the world. Living in beautiful Cornwall, UK. Next adventure: Thailand.

So let’s see what Charlotte has to say…..

Pancakes and Summer Berry Ice Cream

This makes a great breakfast, lunch or dessert dish and is made almost all from fruit! And hey, if it’s good for you then you can have as much as you like!

To whip up this delicious treat you will need a blender or food processor. It only takes 5 ingredients and is the most delicious breakfast whether you’re vegan or not!

pancake and berry


For the plant based pancakes you will need:

1.5 cups of Oat Flour (either buy or blend…

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