Carbs are good for you


So you may have seen my post, Sugar is good for you, if you haven’t then please go educate yourself. I’m continuing with my myth busting mission and spreading the carb love this time because who doesn’t love the comfort blanket of a carbalicious meal at winter time?! Now you can eat them guilt free because guess what babe, carbs are bloody good for you.

I’m not talking about a loaf of white bread or bowl of processed pasta I’m talking wholesome, complex carbohydrates. Complex carbs fill you for longer and release energy over time which means they’re great for fueling workouts. Simple carbs in processed, sugary foods like biscuits give you an energy spike which makes your body produce more insulin. The energy spike reeks havoc on our bodies giving us blemishes, hunger pains and  come downs. Is it worth it for a biscuit? (the answer is no!)


Fruits and vegetables are full of healthy carbs which most people don’t realise. The good old potato got a bad name when people started deep frying it in oil to make fries, I blame McDonald’s.  At least once a week I enjoy a plate full of white and sweet potato fries, simply roast them in the oven with some herbs. Oil is optional but I usually skip it to make the meal low fat. Potatoes are full of nutrients including vitamin C and are very low in fat. Blimey, chips ARE good for you!
Instead of white pasta give brown rice or buckwheat pasta a try for gluten free goodness that tastes just like the bleached pasta you usually find in the supermarket aisles. I promise it’s just as satisfying and delicious with veggies. This pasta is higher in fiber AND protein, it’s also know to reduce cholesterol! A super food in disguise.
Rice is an amazing grain, it’s very carbalicious so most people feel bloated afterwards but give different rice grains a go like brown or wild rice and see what agrees with you. I personally get along with brown rice but I’m warning you it’s a bugger to cook. Many times I’ve successfully simmered away all the water and ended up with some black grains. The tasty dish at the end is always worth it. Rice is a carb known to give instant energy, it’s low in fat, salt, sugar and is totally gluten free! Rice, white or brown contains vitamins B and D which are both essential for our bodies.
Oats are my favourite breakfast of all time, they fill me up after a morning workout and are really nourishing for our bodies. They are a great source of vitamins and minerals and contain selenium which is great for youthful, glowing skin. My favourite oat topping is bananas which are also high in carbs. Read my breakfast recipe here.
Nice Cream//

Vegan’s answer to ice cream is epic and delicious beyond words. There are so many different flavours and toppings. I recommend you Instagram #nicecream and you will be drooling over the supersonic sundaes in no time.

The base for your nice cream is simply frozen bananas, make sure they’re ripe and blend until creamy. This is phenomenal enough on it’s own but adding cacao, acai or almond butter makes this frozen heaven into a gorgeous, guilt free sundae.

In my mind why wouldn’t everyone eat nice cream, it’s basically fat free, refined sugar free and full of vitamins! Bananas are a high carb fruit which is why nice cream makes the list. If you make anything this evening, whip up some nice cream and enjoy.

carb1 carb2
I hope that I’ve changed your opinion of carbs, since being on a high carb diet I’ve lost weight, toned up and enjoyed bigger, tastier portions. Learn to beat the stigma around sugar and carbs and enjoy food without restrictions, it’s the best!
As the vegans say, carb the f*ck up.
Happy Sunday.
Little Lottie. xo
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3 thoughts on “Carbs are good for you

  1. Peace.Love.Veggies September 27, 2015 — 7:20 pm

    Great post thank you! As a vegan I definitely eat a lot of carbs so it’s comforting to know the types I’m eating are nutritious!


    1. Thank you! I’m glad I could help. I love being a high carb vegan and think this lifestyle is the way forward. It’s so nourishing and it shocks me how many people think I’m missing out on major nutrients. X

      Liked by 1 person

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