What I Ate Today #2

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Who else is addicted to watching ‘what I ate today’ videos on YouTube? It seems that all the vloggers and their mums are filming them lately and I think it’s great for promoting healthy eating.  Health is seriously on trend and it’s about time, yoga and kale are taking over in case you hadn’t noticed. If you’re stuck for inspiration here’s a little peak into what I munched today…


Oatmeal is a slight obsession of mine, the seasons are changing and a warming bowl of porridge really hits the spot on rainy mornings. I’ve been laying off the raw cacao porridge lately as the rich chocolate powder can be unhealthy if you eat it everyday like me (secret addict)

Adding coconut oil makes a creamy delicious flavour. Topping with berries, banana and Sweet Freedom Choc Shot sauce makes this breakfast taste seriously indulgent but all the ingredients are good for you. You’re welcome!


To give my salads a winter twist I’ve been adding warming ingredients like sweet potato. In fact, I pretty much chuck everything in my salads these days. Fruit also makes salad much more sweet and appealing. This one had a base of spinach and was topped with mango, grapes, strawberries, sweet potato, nectarine and tomatoes.



To save money and avoid all the preservatives they put in supermarket hummus I’ve been whizzing up my own. It’s so simple and cheap to make, I’ve been skipping oil when blending mine up to reduce the fat content. It won’t disappoint, you can add pepper or paprika for a little more flavour but I love dunking carrots in mine.



I can’t hide my addiction to sweet potato, it tastes so satisfying and baking them brings outs the flavour even more. You can top the golden baked goodies with anything you fancy, baked beans, tomato sauce or just some salt and pepper. Tonight I went for a creamy vegetable mix made with tahini, kale, courgette, peas and mushroom. The creamy mixture was so delicious and exactly what I needed on a winters evening.


Healthy eating can be so quick and easy, dinner only took 20 minutes to make and the other meals were made in under 5 minutes!

Have you been watching what I ate today videos? Comment down below if  you’ve tried anything I ate today or have any healthy eating tips.

Little Lottie.xo


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