From Anxiety to Travelling Alone – how I got over it

Anxiety is something I’ve mentioned a few times before here on the blog and something that has really affected my life in the past.

The hustle and bustle of modern day life, living costs rising, work hours taking over and the technology that we can’t go 5 minutes without are all reasons why more of us are now suffering with the condition and unable to switch our minds off.


Luckily, my anxiety wasn’t severe enough to give me attacks on a regular basis but it did cause me to panic over basic tasks. My mind was constantly going at 100 miles an hour, I started to have panic attacks on flights and I’ve never feared flying before, I worried about what people would think about me and therefore would shy away from opportunities which involved meeting people! It’s seriously draining doing all that worrying, physically and mentally as my body was in fight or flight mode 24/7!


Taking a step back and looking at myself took years, countless hours in a doctors office and a big anxiety attack that caused me to say the words, ‘I hate myself’. Realising I was my own worst enemy was a wake up call and noticing that my anxiousness had control of me rather than the other way round was quite terrifying.


The only person who could change the situation was me…


It’s lovely to receive compliments from people who are important to you but anxiety stopped me believing and listening to anyone but my own self hatred.


If you’re reading this and it all sounds too familiar then please take a moment to remind yourself, you are a stunning person with endless possibilities ahead of you. You can do anything. If you’re loving life and feeling positive then well done for finding that place and thanks for being here too!


If you really want to change and be one of those enthusiastic people you meet that make you think, ‘wow, their outlook on life is beautiful’ then be them! It’s much better than punishing yourself, trust me. You can change lives, you can overcome anything and be an inspiring person to negative thinkers out there.


It’s a journey to overcome anxiety and in many circumstances it’s best to talk to a professional, personally that didn’t work for me so I trained my mind to think more positively myself. Sticky notes with messages of positivity on them are a small but powerful place to start. My alarm goes off in the morning with the message, have an awesome day, my mirror tells me I’m beautiful and phone backgrounds can also be filled with inspirational quotes. Saying your goal out loud each day may sounds stupid but give it a go and let me know how you feel after just a week.  I’ve taken the liberty of popping some beautiful quotes from Pinterest throughout the post to subliminally make you think happy thoughts.


The key things that reduced my anxiety were eradicating negative things from my life. Ending my relationship helped me to grown and work on myself. Hormones can also be the cause of anxious feelings so I cut out dairy, meat and went off the contraceptive pill. I believe this has had the most impact on my new laid back nature and as you know I love being vegan. These were life changing choices that I had to choose to make and if you want to see change you will have to make some big decisions too.


Loving myself has made me care less about what others think of me and has made me realise what I want in life – travelling is one of my goals. I won’t let the anxiety stop me again and spontaneously booked a trip to Thailand. I can’t wait to go on my adventure in 2016 and even though I will be travelling alone I’m ecstatic!


I never thought I’d be where I am now but the changes I’ve put in place have made me the happiest I’ve ever been and bettered my life for good. It all starts with small steps, tip toes even but making the first one will be the best thing you do. Read more about my journey here.


Hopefully I can help or inspire others to get what they want in life because we are all capable of achieving anything. How mushy am I?!


Thanks for stopping by, have a good journey.


Little Lottie. xo

3 thoughts on “From Anxiety to Travelling Alone – how I got over it

  1. Thanks for directing me here. It’s helped me along my journey of sorting my head out a little. I think I tend to OVER worry about everything before it’s even happened. And if my thoughts were to be outloud I would look like the paranoid person. I need to train my mind to relax and not be so tense all the time. Thanks so much xxx

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    1. I hope I could help in some way. It’s always great to relate to people that suffer from the same anxieties and you can definitely get through this. The magic word is sometimes saying yes to things that scare you, and that’s the hardest part. You probably know that once you’re there and doing it everything is fine and the anxiety was for nothing but going through with it is the hard part. You will get there, thank you for stopping by! xxx

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