What Vegans Eat


Whenever I tell people that I’m vegan I get the same response; “So what do you eat?”  Eradicating animal products from my lifestyle is one of the best things I’ve ever done for my health, I’ve never felt better. But veganism doesn’t mean giving up your favourite things. Chocolate and ice cream still make a regular appearance in my diet.


vegan breakfast
Vegan cooked breakfast – beans and sweet potato hash

Milk is a staple in most people’s breakfast choices, whether it’s in a bowl or a morning brew. There are so many non-dairy milk alternatives including; almond, coconut, soya, rice and oat milk. My personal favourite is almond milk.

Cereal usually contains tons of refined sugars so switching for gluten & dairy free muesli or granola is a delicious alternative, topped with almond milk and fruit. It’s as easy as that!


My love for nice cream has been expressed on Little Lottie for some time, vegan ice cream tastes insane and is full of fruity goodness. Simply blend frozen banana slices until creamy! I love adding acai powder, raw cacao powder and topping with berries. This is a great breakfast option to give you energy and who doesn’t want a massive bowl of ice cream for breakfast?!

Vegan Porridge

My everyday breakfast bowl of porridge and fruit fills me for hours and is super yummy.



  • 4 heaped tablespoons of gluten free oats
  • Almond milk
  • 1 tbsp of Flaxseed
  • Fruit to top
  • Flavours to add e.g. cacao syrup, almond butter, cinnamon or raw cacao powder

Pour in enough plant based milk to cover your oats and microwave for 1 minute. Add your flavouring and flaxseed and stir into the oats. Top with fruit and enjoy. I love a good banana and blueberry combination, and a little chocolate in the morning never goes amiss.

Vegans can eat chocolate

Whoever said chocolate is good for you was actually right. Raw cacao (unprocessed cocoa) contains a ton of antioxidants that are totally nourishing for our beautiful bodies. And I’m sorry, Galaxy bars don’t count. Try adding some raw cacao powder to your smoothies, baking and hot chocolates (with plant based milk) to kick the bad sugar cravings and get your sweet fix. You’re welcome babe.


Eating out as a vegan in a small town is often a challenge, cheese is in almost every vegetarian option and the choice isn’t great. I always pack lunch and keep fruit on me in case I’m left hungry.

Raw lunch


  • 2 x Mangos
  • 3 x peaches/nectarines
  • Large handful of berries


Chop the fruit and store in a tupperware box ready for lunch. All these fruits are high sugar and helps boost energy before the afternoon slump at the office. I bring a packed lunch of fruit to work every day and trust me its filling.

Hummus, vegetables, quinoa, rice or pasta are a really good vegan option for lunches on the go but I personally try to stay raw during the day. Whole foods and carbs will give you energy to get through a hard day, I’m not talking about chips from the takeaway either.


The evenings are a total carb fest for me. Sweet potato makes a regular appearance and I usually aim to get my greens in too. Potatoes are still vegetables and provide loads of vitamins so chips are allowed.

For a quick dinner gluten free pasta doesn’t cause the dreaded bloat and is super yummy with plenty of vegetables and tomato sauce.


Stews can still be yummy without meat. I’ve been enjoying bean stews especially lately and they are so quick and easy to make but really warming. Perfect comfort food!



  • 1 tin of kidney beans
  • 1 tin of chopped tomatoes
  • Vegetables galore! (I like to add broccoli, peas, sweetcorn, carrots, courgettes, mushrooms and plenty of spinach)
  • Rosemary
  • Black molasses
  • Pepper to season

Add the beans and tin of tomatoes to a saucepan and simmer for 5 minutes. Meanwhile fry the mushrooms in a little water and boil the peas and broccoli for 5 minutes. Chuck all the veg into the bean and tomato mix, adding the spinach last so it doesn’t go too soggy. Stir in a tablespoon of black molasses to sweeten the sauce and flavour with herbs like rosemary and pepper.

Slices of toasted rye bread with mashed avocado are perfect for soaking up the stew and tastes just like butter on toast!


There are more and more snacks on the shelves for vegans as the lifestyle gets more popular. I love Nakd bars and Oreos, yes Oreos are vegan and the perfect topping for some more nice cream!


Going vegan isn’t for everyone but it certainly isn’t restrictive. The food not only looks beautiful, it tastes it too. If I’m ever stuck for meal inspiration Instagram is always full of it. There are so many benefits of being vegan that I’ve discovered, one being I never worry about restricting calories or carbs because everything I’m eating is fresh and nourishing.

Leave me some love in the comments and check out my health and fitness section for more health food posts. Being healthy is a lot easier than people think!

Little Lottie. xo


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