Vegan Beauty Products – tried and tested

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When I first turned vegan it was all about the food but cosmetic companies use insane animal ingredients like crushed beetles and sheep’s wool grease in makeup and beauty products that we then put on our face! Not to mention the animal testing involved in formulating the things that we use every day. It used to be a real challenge to find vegan and cruelty free products but slowly brands are changing.

Here are a few of my favourite products that are all made ethically,  *polishes halo*

Lush Angels on Bare Skin

Well I’ve raved about this since discovering it on Freddy Cousin Brown’s YouTube channel and now I use it every day! I find the gentle exfoliation is great for my skin on a daily basis despite what people may say. Almonds and lavender make the scrub super gentle and I couldn’t find myself without a tub these days. Read more about this product here.



Eco Tan

Living in the UK doesn’t come with much sunshine, especially not where I live in beautiful Cornwall so re-enforcements had to be bought in. Eco Tan has lots of fans in the vegan community and I had to try it so ordered a bottle from amazon. The application is so easy with this spray bottle, minimal effort is needed. The best part about Eco Tan is that it doesn’t come off on the bed sheets! I did find the colour a tad orange when I left it on overnight so I usually just wait for the colour to develop over 2-3 hours for a bronze glow.


Beauty without Cruelty Rosewood Lipstick

Lipstick is something that not many people think of when slathering it on every day but we consume A LOT of what we put on our lips and toxic chemicals aren’t welcome in my mouth. BWC use hardly any ingredients and their products are really good value. I love this darker shade of pink called Rosewood. The formula is uber creamy and doesn’t dry my lips out like every other lipstick I’ve tried.


Frank Body Scrub

Basically natural microdermabrasion in a brown bag, Frank solves all the dry skin issues you may have. Can we please appreciate the packaging for a moment. I strongly recommend you follow @frank_bod on Instagram because their posts are genius and mostly pink. The coffee and coconut oil, along with other good for you ingredients scub away and troubles you may have and leave you feeling silky smooth. Follow up with your favourite body oil for the ultimate baby’s bum silkiness.


Naked Rescue Conditioner

Naked Hair products are great. My latest find is the shea butter conditioner. It’s really thick and creamy, you can tell it’s working it’s magic and not just sitting on your hair. It is a heavy conditioner and not one for fine hair but thick or curly hair will really benefit from this beauty gem.


Eco Tools makeup brushes

Eco Tools is another business offering amazing value products. Their range is great and I have no complaints about any of the brushes I have tried. My everyday staple is definitely the fluffy concealer brush, it’s perfect for my mineral makeup and helps get the right coverage without blending the product away. None of the brushes have ever shed hair which is surprising considering what a bargain they are! The sponge brush is a great alternative to a beauty blender and is genius for reaching all the contours of your pretty little face.


I won’t do a “GO VEGAN” speech here but if we all become conscious of what cosmetic companies are really selling us we can save some lives and still look pretty darn good whilst we do it.

Recommend any vegan brands/products you love in the comments and follow Little Lottie for more bargain beauty finds!

Little Lottie. xo


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