June favourites


June 2015 flew by before I even realised it had arrived. That was thanks to the arrival of my beautiful niece! As my sister lives at home with my mum and I we are now a household of 4 and couldn’t be happier, although she is keeping us all very busy. Here are a few things that I enjoyed between nappy changes.

Film of the month ~ Magic Mike XXL

Ever since I saw the dance movie Step Up in my younger days I have loved Channing Tatum, what girls doesn’t? His chiselled jaw line and gorgeous body pretty much won over every woman on the planet, not to mention his extreme talent for dancing. I was competing at dance competitions at the time and remember trying to copy all the moves in my living room. But I wouldn’t dare try to re-create the insane routines from Magic Mike XXL.

If you’ve seen the first movie, directed by Channing himself, it can come across quite dark and has a drug story behind it. Well no fear because the sequel is ALL about the stripping. Yes ladies, you heard me! The dancing is brilliant, the stripping is filthier and the men more naked. It ticks all the boxes for me. I watched this whilst on a hen party and I would definitely recommend you bring some girlfriends with you to enjoy the beauty of Channing stripping for your pleasure.

Can you tell I enjoyed it?

Song of the month ~ Gabrielle Aplin – Light up the Dark

Belting out a good tune whilst driving along with the volume blasting is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine and one song that’s been on repeat this month is Gabrielle Aplin’s comeback track.

I’ve been a fan for a while and love the different tone of her voice compared to other artists. Definitely treat your ears to this one.

Food of the month ~ Caramel dates

I’m not a fan of dates on their own but I had some left over after making a batch of raw brownies and stuffed the little fruits with almond butter and chocolate sauce. It tasted amazing and just like caramel but totally good for you.

Choc Shots is a vegan chocolate sauce that I’ve been putting on everything lately, I’m pretty sure it is made for porridge and nice cream. You can find it here.

caramel dates

Product of the month ~ Argan oil

I’ve been using lashings of argan oil for pretty much everything. I know I’m a bit late on the bandwagon but jojoba oil had a place in my heart, and in my hair. Jojoba oil is supposed to be the closest to our skin’s sebum so doesn’t cause breakouts for most people, except me apparently.

Argan oil is also great for skin and gives baby soft skin without breaking me out. It has proved to be lighter on my hair too and feels light not greasy.


Leave me some love in the comments and let me know what you want to see next.

Little Lottie.xo


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