Get down and give me 10!


Fitness is a massive part of my lifestyle and I wouldn’t change that for anything. I remember it used to be a chore to get some exercise in and I thought that 1 measly run a week was enough. Working up a sweat has helped me gain confidence and reduce my stress and anxiety.

I would recommend it to anyone, no matter what the problem is just do a bit of exercise. Feeling low? Exercise. Feel frumpy or unattractive? Exercise. No energy? Exercise. It honestly fixes most issues we have with ourselves and our health, much like chocolate!

Unfortunately I overdid it whilst skipping and running on hard ground and got shin splints. Gross. Shin splints cause pain in the front of the leg and are pretty much always caused by exercise, I should have seen it coming really. The Insanity home workout that I used to do for 45 minutes a day, 5 times a week became a thing of the past and all of a sudden I couldn’t do my go-to cardio moves.

Until I recover fully I’ve been doing a set of exercises that go easy on my legs and work my mussels more than general cardio does so I’m seeing real lean muscle gain that cardio could never give me. Everything happens for a reason!

Lean muscle gained

This set was inspired by Slim Like Tim and Bonny Rebecca’s workout, they are a vegan YouTube couple that are pretty darn inspirational and fit. What’s not to love?

The aim is to repeat the set 5 times and really get your sweat on. Put some good tunes on to help keep you motivated and make sure you have water handy, you’ll need it.

  • 10 x jumping squats (squat then jump once you’re standing)
  • 10 x press ups
  • 30 x bicycles (elbow to knee crunches)
  • 20 x oblique push ups (10 on each leg, bring your knee to your elbow whilst planking)
  • 10 x leg drops

Doing 5 sets usually takes me about half an hour but I like to add in some extra ab moves and of course stretching to avoid more injuries. Doing sets is great if you’re a newbie or hate the gym. You can switch them up to target your problem areas and do what you’ve got time for. If someone told me to do 50 press ups I would laugh and show them my tiny excuse for biceps but breaking them up over 5 sets with other moves in between makes them bearable.

Oblique push up in action

The change came at the right time, I found I’d hit my cardio plateau and wasn’t progressing. I was simply burning calories, which is great for weight loss but not so much for toning so I had to add strength training to my routine on top of cardio. Hello beetroot face and exhaustion! Weight training has been said to burn calories for up to 30 hours after the session compared to only 8 hours with cardio so it’s a great alternative if you aren’t a fan of taking to the treadmill for hours and let’s face it, who is?

Let’s chat in the comments, leave me some love and your killer workout moves. Let me know if you try the sets too and your top workout track.

Little Lottie. XO

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