Health Haul #2


I’m slowly discovering more tasty ways to be healthy and nourish my body. There is a phrase in the raw vegan community to say that you ‘thrive’ on your lifestyle which basically means it agrees with you.

Living a high carb vegan lifestyle means eating a ridiculous amount of fruit, I’m talking 10 bananas for breakfast and 5 mangos for lunch! To obtain 2,000 calories from fruit alone calls for plenty of smoothies and mono-meals of fruit but many vegans that live this way ‘thrive’, have gorgeous abs and glowing skin. On the flip side you could end up constipated and broke.

I’m nowhere near being a high carb vegan, I eat fish and love my morning porridge but my body is about to go through a big change as I’m coming off the contraceptive pill and I think my skin and body will need some extra help finding balance again.

So naturally I did a little shopping…

Maca Root – Holland and Barrett


Maca root is said to help balance female hormones and has had wondrous effects on ladies that suffer some chin area breakouts around that time of the month which I certainly do. I looked into a few options that would help to make things normal again after 5 years on the pill, including Saw Palmetto, Angus Cactus and Estroblock but Maca seemed the most natural and has the least side effects. It’s great for energy and sex drive… if you’re into that kind of thing.

Starflower Oil – Amazon

Starflower oil is another remedy for hormonal breakouts and I’m expecting quite a few of those when ditching the hormones so I’ve started taking 2 a day with my Omega 3 oil, one with breakfast and one with dinner.

Almond Butter – Amazon


My unhealthy obsession with this delicious spread is out of control. I actually consumed a 1kg tub in 2 weeks, which is around 7,000 calories in almond butter alone. Oops. I add almond butter to my porridge, my smoothies, my brownies and it makes the perfect dip for apple slices. As we all know nuts are high in fat, as is almond butter but the vitamin E content is good for a glowy complexion. I’m blaming my recent lack of abs to this addiction.

Raw Cacao Powder – Buy Whole Foods Online


Raw cacao is chocolate that’s good for you.Need I say more? I use the powder in my brownies and energy balls which I make at least every month. Besides from the delicious chocolate taste raw cacao is full of antioxidants and has great energy boosting properties.

Acai Powder – Buy Whole Foods Online

Acai is a superfood berry and is packed full of vitamins and nutrients. It’s difficult to get the frozen packs to make acai bowls over here in the UK so I plan on adding a tablespoon of the powder to some frozen banana for a raw breakfast that tastes phenomenal.

Gluten Free Porridge – Buy Whole Foods Online


A breakfast favourite for me is definitely porridge, it took some trial and error but adding fruit, almond butter, seeds and almond milk makes this healthy dish delicious and nutritious. Seeing as I’m now consuming a bowl a day it was time to invest in some gluten free oats to beat the bloat and benefit my body more.

Rude Health Almond Milk – Tesco

I’m sensing an almond theme here… Almond milk is a delicious alternative to dairy milk and tastes a lot better in my opinion. Supermarkets stock many brands of almond milk but I’m switching to Rude Health to avoid the artificial ingredients included in the other brands.

These are some really simple health foods to get you started and add into your diet for a nutritious kick.

What have you bought recently? Do you want to try any of these health foods?

Little Lottie. xo


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