You wouldn’t believe it’s healthy

Through changing my diet to avoid refined sugar and dairy, (well done me), I have stopped having sweet cravings. Being healthy is something I do for myself, not to be skinny but to feel confident and glow from the inside out, in theory. My ultimate aim is to wake up and feel no need to put makeup on, just to simply look in the mirror and be happy with myself. I’m almost at that place and it feels awesome.

 However saying all that, who doesn’t want a bit of chocolate every now and then?! I’m not perfect and I’m a woman! So through exploring many failed experiments in the kitchen to make healthy into yummy I have taken inspiration from a few favourite bloggers of mine and indulged in some seriously good food.
Raw Chocolate Brownies//Gooey heaven on earth.
My personal favourite healthy sweet treat are these raw brownie’s from Madeline Shaw’s blog. The gooey texture comes from dates and the luscious chocolate flavour from raw cacao powder (un-processed cocoa.) Very posh. I could easily eat 10 of these and now get some killer cravings for them. You can follow the recipe on Madeline’s blog or blend together whatever you have in your kitchen, (what I did recently.)
Not very professional I know, but when you’re that desperate for chocolate you will go to great lengths! The brownie’s work well with just some nut butter (I used almond not peanut), raw cacao (you can use cocoa), honey for sweetening, crushed nuts for a crunch and the all important dates. Medjool are recommended but normal dates worked fine for me.
brownie mix
Word of warning – the mixture can be very thick and sticky, it clogged my not so powerful blender so I added water and just let them set in the freezer for slightly longer. A food processor is best for this mission.
Banana Ice Cream//seriously addictive.
Did you know that you can make ice cream with just ONE ingredient. That’s right, the money you used to buy that expensive ice cream maker and all those tubs of Ben & Jerry’s has been wasted. I used to never eat bananas and now I go through 2 a day, or more! To make banana ice cream simply cut up some RIPE bananas (don’t you ever go throwing them away again, even if they are black.) Cut them small if you don’t have a powerful blender and throw them in a freezer bag/container. Freeze them overnight or if you can’t wait a few hours will do then simply blend them!
image1 (2)
image2 image3 image4
I know when you first start blending you will be cursing me because it definitely doesn’t look like ice cream but once the bananas have gone through the powdery stage, (that’s right, keep blending) they turn gorgeous and creamy. Stir in nut butter or sweetener if you wish but it’s divine on it’s own.
Slap it on some toast.
One of my favourite snacks/desserts is simply nut butter and chocolate spread on toast. Wholemeal toast of course and an organic spread if you can get your hands on one, if not melt some dark chocolate into your chosen nut butter. My obvious choice is of course almond butter. Deeelish! Top it with some seeds for an extra health kick.
Dunkin, not donuts…
Just the habit of dunking is something I miss, a few biscuits with my coffee, the occasional doughnut with some chocolate sauce. That would be far too naughty now so I’ve opted for fruit and veg instead. Apple slices and almond butter are the best combo, strawberries also work well. For a savory lunch time snack carrots and humus make the perfect partners in crime. Go homemade if you’re eager but personally a tub of supermarket bought suits me.
Hot chocolate 
Almond milk has improved my hot chocolates by a mile! I also find doing it in a saucepan has upped the game. Simply sweeten with honey for a natural but divine taste! Cacao powder is harder to work with than cocoa because of it’s bitter taste but if you get the amount just right it’s yummy and healthy. I advise tasting throughout until you find the right strength for you.
Banana shake
 smoothie bowl
I really am bananas for them aren’t I? This shake isn’t usually enough to fill me in the morning so I make smoothie bowls with them. Using half a banana blended with plenty of almond milk and a handful of kale makes a lushious green milkshake. Perfect toppings to beef it up and keep you full are plenty of fruit (including the rest of that banana) with some seeds, almond butter and flaxseed. You could easily pass this off as a sugar filled dairy milkshake but it is totally good for you!
The vital ingredients
Avocado for the creamy factor: Blending an avocado into your dessert or smoothie will make it thick and creamy. Often people use it as a replacement for butter.
Coconut oil to fatten that bad boy up: Coconut oil is full of healthy fats and is perfect for blending/sticking your ingredients together.
Sweet Potato for creamy goodness: Sweet potato has a great consistency for baking, especially brownies!
Honey not sugar please: It doesn’t take much of nature’s nectar to sweeten any dessert so make sure you have some handy for when those cravings kick in.
Dates are the best fake caramel: to sweeten any dessert or shakes dates fake a caramel flavour but are really good for you.
Hopefully I’ve convinced you that you don’t need sugar to make desserts delicious and all these recipes are super moreish!
Little Lottie XO
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