ChocoLottie Treats

(Warning: This post contains many photos that are likely to cause dribbling and cupcake craving.)
My lovely and very talented friend Charlotte from ChocoLottie Cakes was kind enough to send me some of her gorgeous cupcakes to try.
They looked far too beautiful to eat, gorgeously decorated in buttercream, roses, hearts and even marshmallows! 
I made the most of the rare Cornish sunshine and took the cupcakes out for a garden picnic. 

Each one was topped with different and dainty designs that added a delicious flavour to the vanilla sponge underneath.

The thing I actually enjoy most about desserts is sponges, there is something so satisfying about that filling, sweet and fluffy goodness. Charlotte really does sponges well, they are always moist, fluffy and gorgeously flavoured.
I had my eyes on the flower-like white cupcake which  had petals made from marshmallows, that’s right, MARSHMALLOWS! As you can see I munched my way through that one with ease. I really enjoyed the marshmallow flavour with the vanilla sponge and Charlotte’s creativity was appreciated by my sweet tooth. 
Cakes are a worldwide favourite and can send so many messages, whether it be for Mothers Day this Sunday, a thank you for a friend, a get well soon or the famous Birthday and Wedding cakes. I highly recommend ChocoLottie Cakes if you are from Cornwall and even if you’re not take a look at her website for some jaw dropping, beautifully designed cakes and show her some love on Facebook. From bespoke designs to classic favourites Charlotte can create pretty much anything which never fails to taste heavenly.
I hope you enjoyed a different style of post today and I definitely enjoyed photographing a new kind of product. 
Little Lottie


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