Winter Hair Care

From going abroad to 30 degree heat (read post here) to coming back to 4 degree winter air, then bleaching it for my Ombre look (read post here) my hair has definitely taken more of a beating than usual. The dry winter air is taking it’s toll and frizz has arrived for the season.

I had to get out the big guns and take control of the situation, for the sake of my locks. First of all I had my dead ends taken off, after using bleach on my hair the splits became much more noticeable and a trim was WELL overdue.

My love of natural skincare has spread to my love of natural hair care and more big brands are cutting out perfumes, parabens and other chemicals that strip hair of it’s natural oils. Herbal Essences have released their Naked range and Garnier have cut parabens out of their Ultimate Blends products. When an offer came on in Boots I couldn’t resist trying Garnier’s ‘The Sleek Restorer’ Ultimate Blends set and grabbed both shampoo and conditioner for £3. I have found this to be much less drying than my previous hair care routine and my hair is lapping up the moisture this time of year.

My staple hair oil has been Jojoba oil as it is light however coconut oil is much thicker and usually leaves my hair greasy but recently after a wash I have been applying small amount of coconut oil to damp hair all over my lengths and it has worked wonderfully. My hair is bouncier and looks shiny again, it has also helped keep frizz at bay during the day. It is easy to go over the top with the oils but a bit of dry shampoo hides those mishaps.

Dramatically reducing heat in my routine has been key this winter, although it may be hard it has allowed me to be creative with up-dos. I have also been curling my hair with no heat and love the look of it! I’ve ended up doing it every night throughout Christmas, read my post on heat free curls here.

Investing in the right hairbrush has never occurred to me before but by switching from plastic to wood you can lose less hair and the wood spreads moisture from your roots to your ends, helping hair grow and be extra shiny, even in winter.

Switching from cotton bedding to a silk pillowcase of head scarf can prevent dryness as well, not only do we roll around and tangle our hair at night but cotton is a material that naturally sucks moisture from our skin and hair, make the switch and see the difference.

There isn’t as much need to wash hair in winter because we aren’t as sweaty or greasy (nice) but whilst I have been washing I’ve only been applying shampoo to my roots and letting it wash over my lengths when rinsing, this means using less shampoo (money saver) and also doesn’t strip oils from our oldest strands of hair! It’s a no brainer.

Drinking plenty of fluids helps our bodies on the inside and out, I’ve been particularly enjoying big mugs of lemon green tea and almond milk hot chocolates. Mmm.

Be Merry Mug – Sainsbury’s 
Christmas tree decs – Next

I hope my hair care tips can inspire you, they’ve made my locks very happy.    

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Merry Christmas!

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