My Skincare Cupboard

My mirrored cupboard is from Argos. Picture: Bottom shelf

Top shelf

Konjac sponge airing dry

It’s time for that post, the ever-changing skincare collection of Little Lottie. The most re-purchased cleanser I have ever bought is Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser but I have some how accumulated different products in my bathroom cupboard to try and be adventurous with. I’m a true believer in no perfume or toxic ingredients in skincare which was drilled into me through trips to the dermatologist but reading great reviews on other blogs and celebrity endorsements is enough to make me stray back to chemical land. I am frustrated that I haven’t found a skincare routine and recipe that works for me yet but the only way to discover it is trial and error – which I won’t lie is often fun but expensive.

I have fallen for the celebrity sponsor or brand face before, who wouldn’t want the perfect complexion of a model or actress. Millie Mackintosh released to a magazine that she was using Manuka Doctor and just weeks later she was their brand face, I tried the starter kit and broke out immediately, it was wishful thinking that I could get Millie’s skin with just a face wash. So why don’t celebrities ever want to tell us what their secret is? Maybe because the standard wage cant afford the weekly facials and chemical peels that they are receiving. 
However I’ve done it again, Kylie Jenner (my current girl crush) puts amazing makeup shots on Instagram and I was scrolling back for some inspiration when I noticed she snapped a shot of the Nip & Fab Glycolic Fix range. It didn’t look sponsored and after reading many reviews on Boots I was convinced, and it’s under £10 for the cleanser! 

The Glycolic Fix Cleanser and Exfoliating Pads are the most recent addition to my skincare cupboard, Glycolic acid is supposed to be a gentle exfoliant that rids you of dead skin through gentle peeling rather than scrubbing at your skin. This made it appealing to my blemish prone and sensitive skin so I’m giving it a whirl. It’s been 2 weeks and I haven’t noticed much difference in my blemishes yet. The cleanser smells nice and doesn’t leave a tight feeling but does foam which means it contains some skin drying ingredients. For that reason I only use this once a day (morning) on my Konjac sponge. The exfoliating pads do leave a tight feeling but are very toning, using this at night time boosts its affects and helps your moisturiser really go to town. 
My ginger Konjac sponge from eBay
Morning mug shot!

As an evening cleanser I have been persevering with the OCM (oil cleansing method) which I have had good results from before. Using 6 parts castor oil and 4 parts Jojaba oil is my current mix, it really helps to moisturise skin and reduce pores. Read more about home made cleansers on my post here
After this I use one Glycolic Fix Exfoliating pad with Aloe Vera gel on top to moisturise and heal. 
My OCM mix
Aloe Pura is the Aloe Vera range I buy as it is almost pure aloe!

On the top shelf is the beauty staple; Cococut Oil, mine is from Holland and Barett. It is important to ensure the oil is cold pressed and raw as when warmed up it loses most of its benefits. Coconut oil isn’t recommended for daily facial use as it’s comedogenic and may cause breakouts but I use it to moisturise my eye area and body. It’s also great for hair and eyelashes!

Perfectly Pure brand name says it all. This jar has lasted me over a year!

Another beauty oil and new addition to the cupboard is the Boots Botanics Organic Facial Oil which I’m really enjoying! It smells like roses and is a blend of all natural oils such as rosehip and almond, using this at night really brightens the skin and doesn’t break me out. Comment if you know any great facial oils as I am obsessed.

It even has a fancy pipette
Organic ingredients are a plus


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