Lottie tries: Lily Lolo Mineral concealer

I’ve briefly tried mineral foundation in the past as an attempt to cover scars and blemishes. My skin isn’t flawless but doesn’t get along with many products due to sensitivity so I was stuck in a rut. On a day to day basis I stick to concealer where I need it but I never thought about trying MINERAL CONCEALER. Somebody recommended I try it out as it is gentle and lets skin breathe. The favourite mineral brand is well known as Bare Minerals however their products can be costly, with the concealer alone coming in at £24.99 I wanted to find an alternative, I soon came across Lily Lolo who make organic, mineral makeup. PERFECT.
I ordered the Mineral Concealer in Blondie for £7.99, much better price wise! I was really happy with the overall experience as Lily Lolo is a website it’s not like I can try out the make up before buying but they sent a really useful catalog with the concealer and the order came within 24 hours, amazing! I was skeptical at first as powdered products can often clog skin and look cakey, also the concealer was so loose I couldn’t see how it could last all day so I documented my progress with the concealer to give you an idea on mineral products.
8.00 am
I used a fluffy concealer brush to apply the product and first of all the application is brilliant, you only need a sprinkle to cover the imperfection and it blended in so easily, no cake, not too sheer and really natural looking. Blondie is too light for me so I can also use the product to highlight.  FYI the packaging is also slightly gorgeous.
8.30 am
I noticed that my nose was slightly dry and the product was sticking so I spritzed some of my Botanicals Toning Water over my face and took a cotton pad to soak up some product.
8.45 am
I left home to walk to work feeling slightly self-conscious as the colour Blondie is too pale for me but nobody would be close enough to notice, I told myself.
9.00 am
Arrived at work to do an immediate toilet check thinking the wind surely would have blown the powder off my face but the colour looked like it had blended and my skin looked lovely and dewy. I felt pleased with the results and excited to see how it would stand other tests.
10.30 am
I had a meeting and received compliments on my skin and how clear it looked. Result! It was still early days for the concealer so I took this with a pinch of salt.
12.30 pm
Half way through the day I went out for lunch, it was a sunny day for a change and the concealer didn’t budge in the heat or humidity despite my frantic walking round town to get back to work in time.
Hours have gone by since I checked the concealer and now I’m home I have a proper inspection. The pale colour has definitely blended well with my skin throughout the day and the concealer hasn’t made my skin look oily or cakey. As expected it has stuck to any dry patches on my face and on removal I have noticed my skin looking red a blotchy underneath.
Overall I’m really impressed with the coverage of mineral concealer and thrilled that Lily Lolo offer it at such a good price, it also appears so natural considering the full coverage it gives.
As I feared my skin didn’t enjoy the concealer as much as I did, I’ve expressed my relationship with foundation and how anything too high coverage such as the amazing Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer breaks me out and gives me a red complexion unfortunately the mineral concealer has the same affect. I will definitely keep trying it in case it was just a bad skin day but it may have to be put back for special occasions.
If you have any recommendations or similar reactions leave a comment.
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