Lottie tries: Simple Radiant Boosting Moisturiser

Simple products remind me of when I was 15 and I first started taking care of my skin properly and giving up on ‘clear skin’ targeted products. Simple is sort of what it says on the tin, simple ingredients, simple packaging, simple results!
This is the reason I stopped using their products as I wanted something more from my skincare, I love the Kind to Skin Hydrating Moisturiser but it makes me slightly too moisturised and I also enjoyed the Kind to Skin Hydrating face wash but it foams which isn’t good for my breakouts.

However recently they have been changing, the packaging has got more colourful and eye catching compared to the normal white and green and the product range is growing. Simple have released a BB Cream (I gave this to my mum as it was too dark for me and only comes in one shade), different toners, moisturising sprays and a gradual tan product too! Good for them!
The latest Simple product on my shelf is the new Radiance Boosting Moisturiser, this is a bit more pricey than the older Simple range at £7.99 but I grabbed it on offer at my local Superdrug. It contains many beneficial ingredients and light reflecting properties, as an extra bonus its SPF 15! Not that there is much sun in England. 

Mainly because of the SPF I only use this in the mornings to ensure my make-up goes on smoothly, the dryness of winter has defeated my skin this year!
After reading good reviews and trying it on the back of my hand I made the purchase and I am pleased with it, its gentle and makeup definitely goes on smooth however the light reflecting whatsits are in one word; GLITTER.

Glitter to the point my sister called me a fairy! With makeup on top it looks slightly dewy but be warned, you will sparkle like something from twilight! I think this would look great in the summer though as I tend to avoid wearing as much makeup and attempt to get a tan, the SPF will be great.

As long as the glitter doesn’t look like sweat in the sun I will get some use out of this I’m sure.

If you know any glow inducing products leave a comment!

Little Lottie xo

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