No7 High Shine Lip Crayon

Finally, a lippie that doesn’t make my lips dry!
All the pots of Blistex, Vaseline, and Nivea among others have failed to nourish my lips and keep the promise on their taunting little tins! It seems the more I use them, the drier my lips get. I’ve been told in the past that some lip balms actually contain ingredients that dry your lips so you buy more. (I’m sorry… What?!)
I am a lover of lipsticks, balms, crayons and tints but this No7 high shine lip crayon £9.00 is really outstanding for me.  After Revlon’s lip butters every brand seemed to go mad for a slightly pigmented and moisturising balm that looks effortless and subtle on the lips but to me No7 have cracked the secret recipe! 

I love the shape of the crayon for precise application and flawless touch ups. It applies like a lipstick, looks like a lip gloss and feels like a moisturising balm! Barry M have just released their high shine gelly pens but there is something uncomfortably sticky about them, like a gloss.
The No7 pens don’t feel sticky at all just perfectly moisturising. Many people may avoid these as the colour does come off sheer but this is just what I wanted for my everyday lippie! I choose the shade ‘Delicate Pink’ but just want to go back and buy all of them! Don’t get me wrong I love my Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in 101 but throughout the day it does sink into my chapped lips (not pretty) and as it is a matte look I find it hard to pull off with dry lips.

Recently to combat my all year round chap problem I have been gently exfoliating my lips every night with a toothbrush and some mint, after this I pat on some coconut oil and hit the sack for a good night’s kip. This has worked a charm but as soon as I apply my daily lip product the moisture is quickly sucked away and back comes the chap, you can imagine how pleased I was to find such a gorgeous product that I can apply every day!
I would recommend this product to anyone and if you are a regular Boots shopper like me you will know how many No7 vouchers they distribute. I grabbed this beauty for £6 (cheaper than Revlon!) The shade delicate pink is ideal for any skin tone but there are bold colours available that would be great for dressing up a neutral makeup look as they still appear subtle.
My only criticism is they aren’t long lasting, the moisture last for hours but the colour doesn’t stand up to my chatterbox mouth.  However the packaging makes them so easy to reapply when needed, just a twist of the tube releases more product, no sharpening needed! I actually picked this up by chance when purchasing the No7 Total Renewal Microdermabrasion face exfoliator but couldn’t be happier with the results.

Thanks for reading my lip babble! What do you use to keep your lips luscious? 

Little Lottie xo

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