Jackie Who? Lush review

I’ve never gone into Lush for makeup before but me being the crazy ingredients  lady suddenly got attracted to the idea of home-made cosmetics! It’s genius!
Jackie Oates is what Lush call a colour supplement which is sort of like a sheer foundation/concealer I suppose. They offer a range of different colours but Jackie Oates is specifically for us paler folk. 

I always find make-up turns orange on me which is apparently due to it oxidising but this is a perfect colour match and is very creamy, almost moisturising! I would treat it more as a tinted moisturiser as it definitely isn’t full coverage but Lush advise you mix it with moisturiser for a sheer cover.
I like it for its easy blend creamy goodness which gives a gorgeous dewy glow to the skin! Great for trips to the shop or the gym when you don’t want to make loads of effort. 
It’s not an awful price at £8 but a little goes a long way due to its liquid texture. The product has definitely made me more curious about Lush make-up and makes a great base or primer for people that like a fuller coverage. 
So far no breakouts from this diamond of a product and I will re-purchase if I eventually get to the bottom of the pot!
Have you tried Lush make-up?

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