Lottie tries: Eye cream.

Eye cream… Is it a moisturiser, anti-ager or cover up?
Boots Simply Sensitive Eye Cream

Maybe at the age of 18 i shouldn’t be concerning myself with eye cream at all but since some Boots vouchers came through my letter box and I  received one for discount on the Boots Simply Sensitive range I’ve had a little tube sat on my dresser.

I eventually tried it, after all, the skin under your eyes is one of the most delicate and should be looked after. I think that fact alone made me think I didn’t want to irritate my eyes with lotions and potions and so hadn’t bothered with the extra expense. 

Oh Boy was I wrong, I love it! It has a tiny price tag and the benefits of using it definitly show. Looking at the lengthy ingredient list on expensive eye creams often puts me off but this little beauty makes any under-eye concealer glide on! (There is none of that flaky/cakey look under your eyes when you’re trying to hide the night before) 

I’m impressed with the moisture boost my little eye bags receive from this baragin and I encourage all ages to either use a moisturiser under eyes or go for something simple like this. 
Dewy Afterglow

I personally use this after cleansing but try to avoid slathering it on over twice a day. You only need the smallest amount to create a gorgeous dewy effect that makes the eyes appear more awake.

A little disclaimer: I have sensitive skin that reacts to perfume but don’t have any eye problems such as dark circles or puffiness so this works well as a treat for my eyes but I wouldn’t be able to tell you if it works on noticeable problems.

As a natural alternative I use coconut oil under my eyes before I get some shut eye.

I hope this was helpful to anyone debating eyecream and if you know of any other benefitial eye juices let me know!

Little Lottie xo


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